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Friday, 16 August 2013


PDF: Portable Document File

DIGS: Digital Imaging Geological Systems

In an earlier blog entry, I showed how to download useful books on the Blue Mountains from the National Library of Australia’s website Trove. (See entry dated 5th August 2013).

Today’s entry shows you how to download material from DIGS which deal with the geology and mineral deposits of NSW, from the NSW Trade and Investment, Resources and Investment website. There is a vast amount of information available which formerly could only be obtained from libraries or by purchasing hard copies.

There are a few useful books you can download on the geology of the Blue Mountains which are worth having on hand in your computer or mobile device.

You will need a PDF reader on your computer to read the files. Adobe Acrobat  here and Foxit here are both freely available on the internet. I use the latter.

How to access DIGS. Click on this URL: which you should then bookmark. This is the entry point to DIGS. Sometimes this doesn’t work and no amount of retrying makes any difference. Try again tomorrow. 

Follow the prompts: Click on “Search DIGS”. This brings up the search menu. To make it easy at this point, here are the reference numbers for some documents you really should download if you have any interest at all in the geology of the Blue Mountains. They are the items in brackets after each title. Simply click on “Search” after entering the reference number at the top. You can select individual parts of each document or download the whole. 

Guide to the Sydney Basin (Mineral Bulletin 26). This covers a much greater area than the Blue Mountains, of course; there is a wealth of information here.

Geology of the Western Blue Mountains (Mineral Bulletin 20).

Geology and Mineral Resources of the Western Coalfield (Geology Memoir 06). A classic geological report in the old style.

Layers of Time: The Blue Mountains and Their Geology (GS1998/519). A modern treatment of the geology in an understandable form.

View Blue Mountains videos on my You Tube site here . I also have playlists on gem hunting/geology, Glen Innes and New Zealand.

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