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Friday, 9 August 2013


The Den Fenella track leaves the Wentworth Falls picnic area at the car park end, right next to several “heritage” shelter sheds. It’s downhill all the way on a good track. Once the creek is crossed at the Undercliff track junction, the final part of
The National Pass track
the descent follows a steeply dropping gorge until the cliff is reached, where the creek plunges into the Jamison Valley. Immediately below is the National Pass and from the lookout you can see the pathway following a claystone layer in the sandstone cliff.

From an old book of views
I can recall visits to Den Fenella as far back as the early fifties and I always wondered how this lovely spot got its name. It has certainly been in use since the 1880’s. I came across this item on the Web here which reads: “Den Fenella, romantic ravine, SE. Kincardineshire; extends from 1½ mile SE. of Laurencekirk to 1½ mile SW. of Johnshaven; is traditionally named from Fenella, a daughter of the Maormar of Angus, slain here in 995; near the sea the Fenella Burn makes a beautiful waterfall, 65 ft. in leap.” I guess the place at Wentworth Falls was named by some homesick Scotsman.

Den Fenella Lookout
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My grandchildren Kristen and Bonnie Eastlake at Den Fenella October 2004

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