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Thursday, 27 February 2014


In the period 1880-1910, a maze of walking tracks and lookouts was developed in the Wentworth Falls Reserve under the supervision of a local group of trustees. They were determined to provide access to as many points of interest as possible and today’s tracks and lookouts are essentially those developed at that time.
The present day Undercliff and Overcliff Tracks meet at the bridge over Den Fenella Creek, a point easily reached from the western end of the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area. The National Parks and Wildlife Service has spent a lot of time and effort in rebuilding and restoring these historic tracks and it is only a few months since the Den Fenella track was reopened with many good improvements.         
Restored track

For information on Den Fenella and the Undercliff Track, see this blog entry.

From the bridge over the creek the track ascends to Lady See’s Lookout, then to Breakfast Point Lookout.
There is a link here to Murphy's Lane near the Conservation Hut. The Overcliff track continues to Lyre Bird Lookout, from which  another track ascends to the Short Cut Track. Close by is Queen Victoria Lookout, near the point where the descent into the Valley of the Waters begins. Otherwise, continue up the hill to the Conservation Hut (for a well earned break at the cafĂ©) or return to the Picnic Area along the Short Cut Track.
Sir John and Lady See bought Yester Grange in Wentworth Falls in 1902 as their country residence. At that time Sir John was the Premier of New South Wales. Sadly, Lady See (born Charlotte Mary Matthews) died in March 1904. Sir John resigned soon after and died in 1907. The lookout was opened in 1904 at a ceremony attended by Sir John. It had previously been known as “Picnic Point”.
Lady See's Lookout is closed
At the time of writing, the lookout was closed and in need of repair. It is to be hoped that the NP&WS will soon attend to this and the repair and upgrading of the entire Overcliff Track, which is in need of some serious maintenance work.

For the Wild Walks information on this walk click here.
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