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Wednesday, 19 February 2014



The walk to Inspiration Point is a comparatively easy one. Being in a quiet corner of Leura, you will probably not meet up with other walkers. The track is in good condition but the two lookouts at the track’s end are in their natural state – no guard rails, wire netting, handrails or whatever.
The name “Inspiration Point” is a common one in scenic areas around the world. In fact there is another one on the road to Jenolan Caves. There is nothing commonplace about Leura’s Inspiration Point, however. The older references, both newspapers and guide books give no indication about how or by whom the place was named.
From the Mountaineer Tourist Guide 1927
Attention was drawn to the area in the 1880’s when the Gladstone Colliery was opened in the valley below with great fanfare. Heaps of money was spent in developing the mine, putting in an aerial ropeway and constructing a coal loading area on the railway between Leura and Wentworth Falls. You can read about it in newspapers of the day, the Sydney Morning Herald of 13th July 1885 being typical. ( See Trove here for a list of references.) . Despite all the hype, the whole operation soon folded and about all you will see today is some rusty metal, odd bits of coal and the miner’s path down Gladstone Pass into the valley.

Our track to Inspiration Point does not go near Gladstone Pass, however you will see the track to Roberts Pass near Moya Point lookout. This track descends steeply into the valley below, with the left track at the bottom connecting to the Vera Falls track in the Valley of the Waters and the right track becoming Lindeman Pass which leads below the cliffs ultimately joining the Federal Pass near Leura Falls. These tracks should not be taken by inexperienced or       
Conlomerate at Moya Point
under-equipped hikers. Many have become lost and some have died in the attempt.
The National Pass track from Moya Point
Stay safe and remain on top. The Moya Point lookout reveals a frontal view of both drops of Wentworth Falls, from a considerable distance of course. Gladstone Lookout provides a great view of the cliffs towards Sublime Point. When you stand there and look below, think of the coal miners who had to descend those gullies daily, probably carrying their tools, to work in the confines of a low, damp and dangerous mine. I don’t think there would be many takers for such a job today.
The Wild Walks information on this area may be found here. My video of the walk may be found here. My Blue Mountains You Tube playlist is here . I have three other playlists - on gem hunting/mining, Glen Innes and New Zealand. Please comment and subscribe.

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Wentworth Falls from Moya Point

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