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Thursday, 25 June 2015


The Katoomba Falls area was one of the first in the Blue Mountains opened up for tourists to enjoy. Local residents probably made the first rough tracks from the vicinity of today’s railway station down to the number one attraction – Katoomba Falls. The opening of the nearby coal mine around the same time made access easier to this area and the basic network of tracks we know today was in existence well before 1900.

Quite a lot of my videos and blogs have been about this area. In fact, we seem to have lunch or afternoon tea in the reserve nearly every week. Here is a list of these – with links – which will help you to explore the area from the comfort of your own home (or from along the track, if you are so inclined).
The illustrations come various old guide books I’ve downloaded through Trove.
Katoomba Holiday Part 2 21st May 2015 
Katoomba Holiday Part 1 8th May 2015 
AShort Round Walk at Katoomba Falls 21st November 2014   
Katoomba Falls to Scenic World 12th September 2014 
Katoomba Cascades to Echo Point 25th January 2014 
Furber Steps Katoomba Falls 23rd January 2014 
Blog Entries
The Round Walk Katoomba Falls 15th September 2013 
Katoomba Falls Reserve 26th August 2013 
The Orphan Rock 21st August 2013 
Please let me know via the comments section below or on individual blogs or videos if you find something that should be corrected (or added).
My Blue Mountains You Tube playlist may be found here. I have three other playlists - on gem hunting/mining, Glen Innes and New Zealand.

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