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Friday, 28 March 2014


Rear view of the Three Sisters
While the Sublime Point Lookout doesn’t attract the crowds of many other Blue Mountains lookouts, it still has much to offer.
Sublime Point seems to have first come to public notice (at least, under the present name) around 1890-95. Mr WH Copeland, a Katoomba businessman, found a way into the Jamison Valley from the Point (Copeland Pass). This way into the valley is used today by rock climbers, who have developed many routes on the imposing cliffs in the area.
The path and picnic facilities probably date from the 1950’s and resemble those at Cahill’s Lookout, which dates from the same period.   One unexpected feature is the tap at the end of the path, several hundred metres from the parking  
Distant view of the Katoomba skyline
area, which also has one. The provision of a shelter shed and picnic tables near the lookout is very welcome, though it is quite a way to carry your picnic gear from the car.
You will need to follow your road maps carefully to find the way out to Sublime Point. Basically, the route is the same as for Fairmont Resort and the Leura Golf Course, where Sublime Point Road actually commences.
The area has seen many cases of lost bushwalkers and a number of fatal climbing accidents. It came to prominence in September 2013 when the body of a missing guest from Fairmont was discovered wedged in a tree part way down the cliff on the western side of Sublime Point.
An article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the discovery of the body may be found here.
My video on Sublime Point will be found here
Gary Tweddle disappeared from Fairmont in the early hours of July 16th 2013. There is a memorial plaque to Gary along a track which branches off to the right about half way between the car park and the picnic area. This track leads around the cliff top to Golf Links Lookout, if you succeed in following it through the scrub and across people’s backyards.
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From a 1905 Katoomba guide book.

Distant view of Mt Gibraltar, Bowral

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